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Thank you for your interest in the Vegan Society of Australia. We are a diverse group of people representing a wide range of ages with a wide range of interests. What we share in common is a concern about the destruction that a diet and lifestyle based on exploitation of animals is doing to our environment, our country and our planet.

The seriousness of the issues we tackle does not preclude us from having fun, however. Our social gatherings, including bushwalks, discussion groups, video nights and the annual winter solstice dinner, provide occasions to relax among people who sympathise with our views and are also doing something practical about the issues involved.

 If you choose to join our Society you will be part of an international movement searching in a rational way for solutions to the problems of civilization.

 Apart from the personal contact with others, the benefits Members receive include:  

We hope you will give membership of our Society some serious consideration. Remember, the more registered members there are, the easier it becomes to achieve our aims!

Trevor Holton

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