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I wish to become a member of The Vegan Society of Australia.
I declare that (please tick one):
I am a practising Vegan and will not knowingly consume or use any animal products, including milk, eggs or commercially produced honey. (FULL MEMBER)
I am a Vegetarian, but not yet a complete Vegan, and apply for associate membership. I understand that this does not give me the right to hold office or vote at General Meetings. (ASSOCIATE MEMBER)

As a society, we encourage you to converse regularly with other members, and with the public, and to become involved in the Society's many activities. To facilitate this, and particularly for our regional members and enquiries, we maintain two lists of members: (please tick to be included on either of these lists)

Members Contact List - for members to allay possible feelings of social isolation, and to discover like-minded people in your area. This list will be forwarded only to those who are current members.
General Contact List - forwarded to people who enquire to the Society about veganism. They may have become concerned about the various vegan issues, or simply be interested in joining the society and want to talk to someone first.

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The Vegan Society of Australia is a Society, (i.e. not a magazine subscription). We do require funds to facilitate our various ongoing activities, such as the 600 enquiry packs we send out per year, our occasional internal newsletter or publication "Vegan Australia", etc, all of which are organised by Volunteer members.

Please list my skills & hobbies as:_________________________________________________________

Yearly facilitation fee (due at anniversary of joining);
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  Family (two or more people at the same address): $55.00 $130.00   $_______  
  Concession rate for Pensioners/Students: $40.00 $100.00   $_______  
Donations (vital to keep our fees at reasonable levels):     $_______  

Total (Please send cheque or money order, not cash, to the address at the top of the page): $_______